Panorama: cloud forest

Title Info
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Forests
Forests Tropical rainforest
Conservation Nature preserves
Lessons Panoramas
Date August 11, 2009
Location Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve,Monteverde,Costa Rica,North America
Panorama of Primary cloud forest in Costa Rica
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You may want to discuss with your students how primary rainforests (including cloud forests) differ from second-growth rainforests. In addition to the obvious presence or absence of giant trees, the density of the undergrowth is strikingly different, with second-growth forests typically having much more dense understories due to the higher light levels.

Panorama Viewing: Click the "View Panorama" button to see an interactive panorama. Click and drag your mouse in any direction to view other parts of the scene; press the Shift key to zoom in to see details and press Ctrl to zoom out.
We recommend using the Deval VR viewer for seeing panoramas that do NOT have sound and the QuickTime viewer for panoramas WITH sound.

Cloud forests, as their name suggests, are rainforests located high on mountains so that they are often covered by clouds. They are notable for their high density and diversity of epiphytes (plants growing on other plants) as can be seen on the sides of the trees here. Like many other primary forests, the understory is relatively sparse, at least compared with a second-growth forest.