Panorama: lightning damage in forest

Title Info
Common name Pine, white
Scientific name Pinus strobus
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Forests
Forests Temperate mixed forest
Change over time Disturbance
Disturbance Storms
Lessons Panoramas
Date September 09, 2007
Location William Cullen Bryant Estate,Cummington,Massachusetts,USA,North America
Panorama of Massachusetts pine tree exploded by lightning
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You may want to discuss with your students how different types of disturbance affect ecosystem structure and how they alter ecosystem functioning.

Panorama Viewing: Click the "View Panorama" button to see an interactive panorama. Click and drag your mouse in any direction to view other parts of the scene; press the Shift key to zoom in to see details and press Ctrl to zoom out.
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This grove of white pines was struck by lightning just a few days before this panorama was taken. Large pieces of wood were strewn around the area, with some nearly 100 yards (100 m) away.