Whip scorpion

Title Info
Common name Whip scorpion, Vinegaroon
Scientific name Uropygi
Taxonomic group Arachnida
Level Order
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecological interactions Predation
Selection and adaptations Selection
Selection Morphology
Organisms Animals
Animals Arachnids
Date September 27, 2000
Location Arizona,USA,North America

Whip scorpion, Vinegaroon, or Uropygid, Arizona. These large predatory arachnids are not true scorpions, although their front claws (or pedipalps) are somewhat reminiscent of those of scorpions. Their front pair of legs has evolved to be quite elongated and are used much like antennae. They are able to spray a combination of formic acid and acetic acid toward potential predators or prey, and the smell of the acetic acid gave rise to the name Vinegaroon.