Title Info
Common name Hummingbird, Green-crowned brilliant
Scientific name Heliodoxa jacula
Taxonomic group Trochilidae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecological interactions Mutualism
Mutualism Pollination
Selection and adaptations Selection
Selection Convergence; Morphology
Organisms Animals
Animals Birds
Date 1989
Location Monteverde,Puntarenas,Costa Rica,North America

Hummingbird on branch, Costa Rica. Hummingbirds, such as this female green-crowned brilliant, are highly adapted to their lives of sucking nectar from tubular flowers. In return for the nectar they receive, they carry pollen from one flower to the next. Unlike the unrelated but ecologically similar sunbirds of the Old World, hummingbirds can hover (and are found only in the New World).