Cormorant behavior

Title Info
Common name Cormorants, Brandt'; s
Scientific name Phalacrocorax penicillatus
Taxonomic group Phalacrocoracidae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecological interactions Predation
Selection and adaptations Variation
Change over time Life cycles
Behavior Social; Parental; Nesting
Organisms Animals
Animals Birds
Lessons Natural Selection; Variation
Location Point Lobos,California,USA,North America

Variation in nest behavior in cormorants, California. These cormorants appear to exhibit a great deal of variation in their parental behavior, which may be under genetic control. Some parents are quite attentive and others are not. Meanwhile, the gull lurking in the foreground may be looking for a chance to prey on eggs or young. If the cormorant parental behaviors are at least partly genetically based, this genetic variability may play a role as raw material for natural selection.